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Macbeth by William Shakespeare


Mittwoch 27.03.2019


Performed by TNT Theatre Britain (American Drama Group Europe) in englischer Sprache

If MACBETH is not the finest play ever written, it is certainly the most performed. The play explores the corruption of power and its terrifying results, both politically and personally. But while the themes are profound and complex, the form is hugely entertaining: this is a thriller, a war story, a romance, a nightmare, a horror story and a most powerful presentation of the supernatural.

The witches ride above this play as both demons and restorers of the natural order that MACBETH and his murderous wife seek to destroy. The evil that the royal couple unleash rebounds upon themselves and, by means of the most extraordinary poetry, we, the audience, watch the collapse of naked ambition into tortured self-doubt and ultimate insanity.

TNT’s production, directed by Paul Stebbings, was the company’s first Shakespeare production. The production has been so successful that it has been constantly revived and toured worldwide since 2001 to over forty countries on four continents. This might be the most performed production of MACBETH this century.

The production is not frightened of the supernatural, or compromised by modern dress. But this is not an old fashioned production either; the musical score by Paul Flush drives the play forward and creates a compelling sound texture of almost filmic quality. Forest and castle merge and melt. The witches are an almost constant presence, neither male nor female (or both) and as ruthless as Greek Furies. The acting is fast and physical. Above all the production releases the poetic intensity of Shakespeare, writing at the height of his powers.
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Kategorie 1
15,00 €
Kategorie 2
Ermäßigt für Schüler und Studenten
8,80 €
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Datum: Mittwoch, 27.03.2019
Einlass: 18:30 Uhr
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr
Veranstalter: American Drama Group - Europe, The
Ort: Stadthalle Chemnitz, Kleiner Saal
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